Gallery S from Koprivnica exists from 1989 as one of the first private galleries in Croatia and since then has presented a large number of contemporary authors. Since its inception, part of its practice has focused on printing graphics and graphic maps, while today, exhibiting in various spaces and acting as an online gallery, it focuses on printing graphics by new authors belonging to contemporary art practices, multi-originals and multiples, as well as collecting and selling graphics by authors from this area from the 1960s to the present day.

In its 30 years of existence, Gallery S has established itself as a recognizable exhibition place in our cultural space, and the innovative content and activities are well known to local audiences and the professional public. Through the affirmation of the youngest artists, as well as through the market verification of already confirmed authors, the gallery focused on offering works by contemporary artists and expanding the contemporary art market in Croatia. Thus, in the mentioned period, it offered works by about fifty Croatian authors and organized the same number of exhibitions, art events, tribunes and interventions in space. Solo exhibitions in Gallery S had, among others, the then young hopes of the Croatian cultural scene: Zlatan Vehabović, Gordana Bakić, Sebastian Dračić, Ivan Fijolić, Ivana Franke, Snježana Ban, Mirna Kutleša, Marko Tadić and others.

For years, the gallery has hosted exhibitions “Exactly at noon” which presented some of the most important Croatian authors, present in all reviews of Croatian art as well as in museums and galleries in Croatia and abroad: Gordana Bakić, Snježana Ban, Neven Bilić, Romano Baričević, Ivana Barišić, Gordana Bralić, Tomislav Buntak, Nemanja Cvijanović, Viktor Daldon, Boris Demur, Hrvoje Duvnjak, Fedor Fischer, Ivana Franke, Darko Fritz, Petra Grozaj, Duje Jurić, Alem Korkut, Daniel Kovač, Ivan Kožarić, Ivica Malčić, Marijan Molnar, Anita Parlov, Igor Rončević, Ivan Skvrce, Ivan Šeremet, Marko Tadić, Sunčanica Tuk, Zlatan Vehabović, Matko Vekić and others.

Also, in 1991, the gallery started with one of its most important programs, printing and publishing graphic maps/sheets, initially by local authors, and then graphic-poetic and graphic maps/sheets of Croatian contemporary authors of younger and older generation (Sunčanica Tuk&Slavko Jendričko, Marijan Molnar&Branimir Bošnjak, Darko Fritz&Mez, Ivan Šeremet&Goran Rem, Boris Demur&Vlado Martek, Gordana Bakić, Gordana Bralić, Tomislav Buntak, Ivan Čizmek, Viktor Daldon, Eugen Feller, Ivan Fijolić, Ivana Franke, Duje Jurić, Alem Korkut, Ivan Kožarić, Marko Tadić, Matko Vekić, Vlatko Vincek). Finally, one of the important activities of Gallery S is publishing, within which the Gallery has published a dozen monographs (Sunčanica Tuk, Romano Baričević, Vlatko Vincek, etc.).

From 2013 until today, Gallery S does not operate within physical space. Gallery S is the best address for those who accept visual art as a cultural challenge, but do not deny it the financial-investment aspect.