Žuti dućan operated from 1989 to 2013, and it offered pictures and graphic art of the most famous Croatian artists (Dubravka Babić, Mersad Berber, Dragica Cvek Jordan, Vasilije Jordan, Edo Murtić, Dimitrije Popović, Đuro Pulitika, Miroslav Šutej, Mladen Veža and others), a special selection of paintings and artwork from Koprivnica and Podravina (Romano Baričević, Francina Dolenec, Zlatko Kauzlarić-Atač, Fedor Malančec, Željko Mucko, Ivan Obsieger, Josip Turković and others) and a whole range of (unique) applied art.

In 1990, the name Gallery S was added to Žuti dućan to activate and emphasize the exhibition-gallery activity. In the period from 1990 to 2007, Gallery S organized a series of exhibitions, both within the area of Žuti dućan and at various locations in Koprivnica. The first in the series from 1991 was the big exhibition Pred zidom (In front of the Wall/Before the Wall) set up in the Gallery S, where a total of 27 authors from Croatia participated.

From 2007 to 2013, Gallery S is operating in a new exhibition space, handed over by the Architectural Office of Forma biro d.o.o from Koprivnica. The new space is located a few yards from the entrance to Žuti dućan. This period is also the period of the most intense exhibition activity of the Gallery S: within 6 years, Gallery S has organized around thirty exhibitions of mostly young authors from Croatia and focused on offering works of contemporary artists and expanding the market of contemporary art in Croatia.

The permanent exhibition of Gallery S included the following authors: Gordana Bakić, Snježana Ban, Romano Baričević, Ivana Barišić, Neven Bilić, Gordana Bralić, Tomislav Buntak, Nemanja Cvijanović, Viktor Daldon, Vlasta Delimar, Boris Demur, Hrvoje Duvnjak, Fedor Fischer, Ivana Franke , Darko Fritz, Petra Grozaj, Duje Juric, Alem Korkut, Daniel Kovac, Ivan Kožarić, Ivica Malčić, Marijan Molnar, Anita Parlov, Igor Rončević, Ivan Skvrce, Ivan Šeremet, Marko Tadić, Sunčanica Tuk, Zlatan Vehabović and Matko Vekić.

From 2013 until now, Gallery S does not work within the physical space. Gallery S is the best address for those who accept visual art as a cultural challenge but do not give up the financial and investment aspect as well.