Željko Hegedušić

Željko Hegedušić (Tuzla, 1906 – Zagreb, 2004) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 1930 (V. Becić), continued his studies in Paris, where he shaped his artistic poetics in contact with purism and metaphysical-surrealist painting. At first, he painted views of cities and compositions of predominantly social themes with bright colors and abstract drawings and flat shapes in a freely geometrized space (Motif from Sremska Mitrovica, 1934). Later he turned to colorist modeling (Still life with leek, 1939). Since the 1950s, he has been combining graphic and drawing techniques (On Tjentište, 1954), then, with the imaginative use of various organic materials (bones, insects, plants), he uniquely problematizes the poetics of the informel (Ancient Times, 1970). He gradually focuses his attention on the human figure around which he develops complex symbolism (cycle The Pleasure of Creation, 1969 – 1979). He received the Vladimir Nazor Award for Lifetime Achievement (1982).